Climate Action Recognition Scheme 2020-21 enrollment starts!

【Climate Action Recognition Scheme 2020-21】
The first Climate Action entrepreneurship programme officially inaugurated! Join us now and be a pioneer climate-positive entrepreneur! 💡💡💡
Whether you are an entrepreneurial dreamer 👨🏻‍🎓 or a start-up founder 👩🏻‍💼, as long as you have certain desires about combating SDG-related climate change issues please share with us your innovative ideas. 🌎 “Climate Action Recognition Scheme” will award seed fund and acceleration fund up to HK$180,000💰 to youth people for prototyping and initial implementation.

Learn more about the programme:
💡Idea Stage:
⚙️Scale-Up Stage:

📚📚📚To know more about stories of entreprenuership and sustainability, join our Virtual Human Library as well. This is one of the application requirements of CARS🚨 Please find the details in our pinned post. Stay tuned to our Facebook to know more!

Climate Action Recognition Scheme (CARS) is an entrepreneurship programme initiated by Wofoo Social Enterprises – Hong Kong SDG Hub, co-organised by the Environment Bureau and sponsored by HSBC.