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League & Eligibility

1. Theme

We welcome any potential and valuable solutions that make an effort in combating climate change effects and enhancing climate resilience. The eligible ideas should focus on achieving UN SDG 13: Climate Action


2. Eligibility

Who can apply?

  • The team leader must be a current student (part-time/ full time) or a graduate of a tertiary institution in Hong Kong
    • Graduates should have graduated for no more than five years as of 30 December 2020


  • Each application should consist of one to four core team members (including the team leader), who are between aged 18 and 40
  • All core team members can only join ONE league, join ONE team under that league, and submit ONE application during the application period
  • Teams may comprise of members from different institutions
  • Each application should submit a Hong Kong-based climate change solution
  • All teams should acquire endorsement from one tertiary institution/ youth entrepreneurship organisation by filling in the CARS Endorsement Form or by submitting a formal Reference Letter
  • Applications without endorsement or references will not be accepted
  • At least one representative of the team has to attend at least one session of “Virtual Human Library” organised by Hong Kong SDG Hub between Oct 2020 and Nov 2020
  • Winners of any incubation and/or entrepreneurship programme are NOT eligible for this award
  • Start-ups and companies which are already registered and incorporated are NOT eligible for this award


  • Climate Action Start-Up Award
image Prize:


Quota: 2 teams

3. Endorsement

Interested applicants should get endorsement from a department or a unit under any higher education institutions or youth entrepreneurship organisations in Hong Kong. The Endorsement Form can be downloaded here. In order to ensure a smooth verification process of endorsement, applicants are highly recommended to get endorsement from the units (these units have partnerships with CARS) listed below. However, teams can also seek endorsement from other reputable units. The organisation will screen applications endorsed by other reputable units on a case-by-case basis.

Download supporting departments and organization list (Just for reference)