Carbon Footprint

【Using IoT and Real-time Data Analytics to Climate Change — #BlueSkyEnergyTechnology】

🔌#EnergyEfficiency is crucial to address climate change as 60% of carbon emissions are from electricity consumption in buildings🏭. One of the Climate InnoAction Webinar panelists, Christina Tang started up @BlueSkyEnergyTechnology which uses Internet of Things(IoT) and real-time data analytics to encourage awareness and behavioral change🔌.​

#BlueSkyEnergyTechnology optimizes energy efficiency & improve indoor air quality through an easy-to-install power sensor🤳🏻 and web platform, 👀people receive insights on their energy consumption and personalised tips to live or work comfortably with less energy🔦. They would set a machine learning model to help the user to measure electricity consumption according to the weather and track record🌤️. Users could check the electricity consumption for aircon, light, and socket separately💡.​

They transform the abstract data📉 into a concrete concept to help the users understand the electricity they consumed equivalent to how much it worth and how many iPhones they can charge📱. It supports and encourages the users to conserve electricity with a clear direction🤏🏻. ​

Actually, #BlueSkyEnergyTechnology started a pilot project with their like-minded partner in 2014👭🏻. After the pilot project, they founded their first customers and scaled their business🕴🏻. If you are running a green start-up, join #CARS to expand your green network and win the acceleration fund to scale-up your company🤓.