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Preparation before Application


  • 1. Please upload the concept note, endorsement form and other supporting documents in supported file format – Word or PDF for typed documents – in the online application form. Applicants who wish to submit graphics, infographics, pictures or illustrations may save their files in JPEG, PNG or PDF formats.
  • 2. Late submissions will not be considered.
  • 3. Please ensure that all information provided are true, accurate, complete and updated. If there are any changes to the information submitted, the applicant should inform the Organizer as soon as possible.
  • 4. “Idea Stage” League is in general for teams with ideas but not yet incubated or registered as start-ups. 
  • 5. Please note that applicants will receive an application confirmation email within five working days after the submission of an application.
  • 6. Please note that applicants should submit supplementary information for further consideration upon the Organizer’s request.
  • 7. Please note that all information submitted in the form will be used for applicant screening, judging, and other CARS related purposes.
  • 8. Should you have any enquiries, please contact us at or 3651 5392


  • Online Application Form
  • Concept Note
  • Endorsement Form
    Note: 1. Processing time for the endorsement from institutions varies. Please allow sufficient time to apply for endorsement before application deadline (Teams are advised to check with relevant units for the time required). 2. Should the software not allow for automatic downloading, please right click link and save the document manually using the save link as option.