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Hong Kong Water Race

Water Race 2022 — 29.12.22 ~ 4.1.23

“Count every drop, every drop counts”

——Theme of “World Meteorological Day 2020”

Daily consumption and pollution by human activities causes global water scarcity. “Water Footprint” is thus an indicator of water use that refers to the total volume of freshwater directly and indirectly used to produce goods and services. Understanding this concept allows us to make wise decision on sustainable way of living, and conserve precious resources for our next generation.

“Hong Kong Water Race” is organized by Wofoo Social Enterprises, co-organized by Water Supplies Department, and supported by HSBC. Through the means of city orienteering, participants learn the concept of water footprint by visiting scenic spots and public amenities around designated area and completing tasks. The Race was first held in 2013 and has been gaining supports from all of you. Now, the Race echoes and has become one of the programs of “Hong Kong SDG Hub” since 2020.

In view of the pandemic development and to prevent crowd gathering, “Hong Kong Water Race” will not be organized as a large-scale event in 2022, and will be held as a city hunting event using a mobile phone APP. Three city hunting routes will be provided; participants shall visit the checkpoints of the routes and complete the tasks. Participants could select any route, playing time and team members freely.

Basic Information

– Green Walk at Central and Western District
– Kowloon Waterworks Heritage Trail
– Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail

Date: 29 Dec 2022 – 4 Jan 2023

– Freely select the time to play within the event period
– No time limitation
– Some checkpoints of the routes may have designated opening hours


  • Starting 29 Dec –
    APP Download
  • 29 Dec – 4 Jan
    Select time to explore the routes
  • 4 Jan
    End of event


How to Play

  • APP DownloadAfter downloading the Water Race APP, when participants select a city hunting route for the first time, they have to first register an account and receive activation code via the email.After successful registration and login, participants could select a route and pay to unlock.Each city hunting route costs HK$8.
  • NotesIn view of the pandemic development and to prevent crowd gathering, “Hong Kong Water Race 2022” will not be organized as a large-scale event.When playing, the scores and time count are just for reference only; the event is not a competition.For other detailed Rules and Regulations of “Hong Kong Water Race 2022”, please click here.
  • City Hunting by Mobile PhoneAfter selecting a route, participants are not required to visit all checkpoints or in order.Checkpoints involve mini games related to water issues and sustainable development.By visiting over 60% or 70% checkpoint of a route, teams could receive electronic certificate or souvenirs

Categories & Eligibility

  • ​Category
  • ​Number of Members
  • ​Eligibility
  • No race category is set
  • Participants could indicate their team type is “Family” or “Group” when forming a team


  • Each team could have 1-4 members
  • No limitation on the eligibility of participants
  • Teams are not required to register; prior to the start, teams may just fill in the names of members
  • Member composition could be different when playing different routes


  • 2013/03/05Tin Shui Wai
  • 2014/03/23Shatin Promenade
  • 2014/03/23Kai Tak Promenade
  • 2016/03/20Central Waterfront
  • 2017/05/20Shatin Racecourse
  • 2018/04/22Fa Hui Park, Mong Kok
  • 2019/04/14Tin Shui Wai
  • ......We look forward to organizing large-scale events when the pandemic relieves in the future!