Carbon Footprint

【Do Green through drinking Vodka — #Air Co.】

Air Co. is an NYC-based startup devoted to addressing climate change with its innovative technology🌪️. They developed the technology that transforms carbon dioxide captured from the air and turns it into pure ethanol for the vodka🍾. It’s carbon-negative with indisputable impact.

Every bottle of vodka with traditional production might produce around 13 pounds of greenhouse gases🌬️. Air Co.’s product is actually carbon negative, removing a pound of CO2 for every bottle produced. It also reduces the carbon footprint of crop production.👣

Air Co. would recover the carbon emission of the label by tree planting🌴. Besides, labels are affixed to the bottles using a special glue that is not only non-toxic but comes off cleanly, making the containers easier to reuse and recycle📃.

Source: Metro Pop、ELLE