• 2021-06-18

    Hong Kong Water Race 2021 Results

    After checking and confirming, the final results of all events of Hong Kong Water Race 2021 is announced as below: http://waterrace.hk/dl/RankResult.php In addition……

  • 2021-04-24

    Climate Action Recognition Scheme 2020-21 Grand Final

    Climate Action Recognition Scheme (CARS) recognises and invests in innovative and outstanding start-up ideas which take actions in combating SDG-related climate ch……

  • 2021-04-16

    Hong Kong Water Race 2021 start accepting applications

    【Hong Kong Water Race 2021 start accepting applications】HongKongWaterRace2021 will be held in #ShingMunReservoir with a new Water Race Appto facilitate the event and……

  • 2021-04-12

    CARS Public Voting

    Finalist Teams’ Project Details​💡Idea Stage 🏞️: https://bit.ly/3wUuRTt​💡Idea Stage 🎥: https://bit.ly/3g7SD8k​​⚙️Scale-Up Stage 🏞️: https://bit.ly/3tg7OQG​⚙️Scale……

  • 2021-03-13

    CARS Idea Stage Finalist Announced

    CARS Idea Stage semi-final result is announced ! 🤩Check your email to confirm now! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Warm Reminder🔔We would provide the extension workshops and 👩🏻‍🏫 HKSTP consul……

  • 2021-03-13

    CARS Scale-Up Stage Finalist Announced

    CARS Scale-Up Stage application result is announced💥 ! Check your email ! Warm Reminder🔔Scale-Up Stage finalist teams required to join the Pre-Pitching and Mentor C……

  • 2021-02-28

    Today is Deadline of CARS Scale-Up Stage

    Deadline Today 23:59 ‼️‼️‼️

  • 2021-02-23

    【Do Green through drinking Vodka — #Air Co.】

    Air Co. is an NYC-based startup devoted to addressing climate change with its innovative technology🌪️. They developed the technology that transforms carbon dioxide captured from the air and turns it into pure ethanol for the vodka🍾. It's carbon-negative with indisputable impact.

  • 2021-02-16

    【Zero-emission Flights — #Airbus】

    Although we could not travel to other countries this year🥲, the aviation industry is still pursuing dreams of zero-emission flights✈️. #Airbus launched the ZEROe concept aircraft which could serve by 2035😎. It relies on hydrogen as a primary power source – a zero-emission fuel burned with oxygen is likely to be a solution for aerospace and many other industries to meet their climate-neutral targets⛳.

  • 2021-02-09

    【Reselling Unsold Clothes through the Concept of Relabelling — #Rename 】​

    On-demand production👘 is not the only way to solve the problem of overproduction. A Japanese company #FINE launched the brand #Rename which resells unsold clothes through the concept of relabelling🏷️​